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Join As An Assistant

What makes L’Arche different from other service providers is our live-in model where Assistants, those who provide support to our community members with intellectual disabilities (“Core Members”), live in the homes too. Assistants make a commitment to share life with the Core Members they are supporting, building mutual relationships, and receiving as well.

Live-in assistants and Core Members build relationships and create a home together by sharing the regular tasks of daily life–tasks such as shopping, planning, and cooking meals, cleaning and doing laundry.  Assistants provide core members with any personal supports that are needed, including help with bathing, personal care, attending medical appointments, and taking medications. The rhythm of life in our homes also includes frequent celebrations, prayer times, outings, and occasions for simply hanging out together.   

No previous experience is necessary to become a live-in Assistant, but those interested should have an openness to community life, a desire to build meaningful relationships with people who have intellectual disabilities, and a willingness to live and work alongside people who are different from you. To apply or for more information about becoming a live-in assistant, Click Here.

Join As A Volunteer

Experience the joy of getting to know our Core Members while supporting the day-to-day life of our community! There are always opportunities to volunteer in our homes and activity groups. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact or email our Assistants Coordinator, Natalie Rosedale at, for more information.

Join As A Core Member

If you have an intellectual disability and would like to consider joining our L’Arche community and making it home, please contact your local NASC (Needs Assessment Service Coordination), and they can check your eligibility. Even if you’re not wanting to live-in, or still discerning that step, feel free to join us as a friend. 

Join As A Friend

If you’d like to get to know L’Arche as a friend, just give us a shout or come for a cuppa. We’re always excited to share what we’re all about and to grow our friendship circles.